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  • Team Effectiveness
  • Interpersonal Relationship Building
  • Operational Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Senior Management Alignment
  • Family Intervention
  • Group Processes
  • Assessment and Development
  • Who Am I ?
  • Individual Enrichment
  • Grooming and Etiquettes
  • Perfect Person at Proper Place
  • Youth Development
  • Consulting about Training
  • Chai Pe Charcha

Interpersonal Relationship Building.
These programs are focussed on building up authentic relationship in terms of various aspects of relationship such as interpersonal communication, sense of appreciation, developing tacit understanding etc.

Operational Leadership.
These programs are for middle management. Focus is on leadership in the domain of business operations and people. These are also for those who are going to be leaders in middle management level in near future.

Strategic Leadership.
These programs are for senior management. Focus is on strategy, market image and profitability.

Senior Management Alignment.
These programs are for senior management to align themselves with respect to certain critical decisions and parameters.

Family Intervention.
These programs are for a family comprising three generations. The focus is on getting rid of negativity and sort of differences and turn onto happy page in family history. This is at an outbound environment.

Group Processes.
These programs are to ascertain existing group processes and potential. Its more like a reality check.

Assessment and Development.
These programs are aimed at doing individual assessment using various tools and recommend road ahead for development. In Bound and Out Bound , Both platforms are available.

Who Am I ?
This program makes a provision for individual to know oneself better. It is two days one night program. The participants could be from one organization or multiple. Prior knowledge of each other is not necessary.

Individual Enrichment.
This product is conducted on one-to-one basis. Corporate can arrange it for select few employees or individuals can enrol themselves. The focus is on understanding self. Not necessary that an individual has to have some difficulty or problem. It is neither counselling, nor coaching nor mentoring. The sessions are aimed at developing much more awareness about self. Generally there are four sessions spaced out at one week’s interval. Charges are Rs 2000/- per session. Individuals are advised to mail at

Grooming and Etiquettes.
These programs are to enhance individual’s confidence while interacting with multi cultural community and become socially acceptable. Cross cultural sensitization and reverse culture sensitization is also available.

Perfect Person at Proper Place.
This is for assessment of short listed candidates to enable decision maker to make finer judgement among seemingly suitable candidates.

Youth Development.
This is for students who have not yet finished their structured education. Finding their direction.

Consulting about Training.
This is for companies who have no expertise in selecting and planning training. Ideally suitable for companies who don’t have HR or Training department. It is also to validate training programs planned or conducted.

Chai Pe Charcha.
This is a non-commercial session. It is an informal chat over a cup of tea about an organization and generating perspectives.

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