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Welcome to Touch Inner Self

Touch Inner Self is built on the philosophical premise that each one of us is different in some way. When we come together for a cause, we can make an excellent team, if we put in conscious efforts to understand our self and others. If we know our innerself, we will get to know how easy or difficult it is to fit oneself in the role.

Touch Inner Self combines experiential and cognitive input so that it serves as a wholesome learning package to drive the training objectives. We make use of this combination for Induction, Team Bonding, Team Effectiveness, Leadership and Integration of Cross Functions.

You all will agree with me that everything we do, originates from our inner self. Sometimes we are aware of it sometimes we are not. Touch Inner Self helps you to be more aware of your 'Inner Self'. Hence if you understand yourself more, you are in more control of your self and ..ultimately you make yourself happier !

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